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Ramco Ancillary
Navsibai Compound, Near Sarkar Bungalow, Tikuji-ni-wadi Road, Manpada, Thane-400 607. (Mumbai), Maharastra, India. Tel.No: 022-5386304, 5364318, Telefax: 022-5386304.
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Mfgrs. & Exporters: Plastic Packing for Industrial Tools, Cutting Tools, and Plastic Moulds.
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Go back Mfgrs. & Exporters of Plastic Packings for: 
Drills (STD & Extra long),
Endmills (Std & Extra long),
Reamers (Std & Extra long),
Tap Sets (Std & Extra long), 
Tap Sets (also bulk packing),
Rotary Burrs (All sizes),
Threading Dies (From 13/16" O.D to 4' O.D)
Needles File Set (6 pec & 12 pec),   
PVC Pouches,
Counter Sinks,
Counter Bores,
Diamond Dressers,
Needle File Handles,
Hacksaw Blades and
Tool Bits. 
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